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ANTHRO 102 - Sinervo - Media Analysis (Spring 2021): Home

Use this guide to find news stories to complete your media analysis project for Anthro 102.


Understand Your Assignment

Find a news story that highlights national identity in a postcolonial country (a nation colonized by another nation, but that later became independent). Post the link to your story and answer the following questions:

  1. Which nation's identity is highlighted in the article?
  2. What country colonized the nation you are considering? In what year was the nation colonized and in what year did it become independent?
  3. What features of national identity relate to the experience of colonization? What features "endured" through colonialism, or have emerged since colonialism to shape the identity of the nation?
  4. Does media coverage of this nation reflect an awareness of the postcolonial power dynamics that shape the expression of national identity? Explain.
  5. What surprises you about the articulation of nationalist sentiment and experience in this case, and how does it compare to your understanding of nationalism in America?

Useful Search Terms

Using the correct words to search will help you find information that is relevant to your topic.

Try These To Get Started
  • "national identity" (note the quotation marks around this paired phrase)
  • nationalism
  • the name of your postcolonial country

News Coverage in MJC Databases

Library article databases provide you with complete articles from numerous publications for free.

Get started by using these databases below:

How To Choose Your News

Video by Damon Brown for TED-Ed (4:48)

News on the Web

Selected Websites for this Project

There are many news sources on the Web. You can get started with your Web searching using these sites below:

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