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ENGL 101--Duclo--Sources to use with Born a Crime: Home

Use this guide to find outiside sources for your essays on Trevor Noah's Born a Crime

Search terms / topic ideas

  • culture 
  • language 
  • family traditions
  • racism
  • parenting styles
  • domestic violence
  • child abuse 
  • women's rights
  • politics
  • healthcare

Sources for Essay #1 (Informative)

Sources for Essay #2 (Compare and Contrast)

Topic Ideas for Essay #2

Government policies, culture norms, language, equity, education, social services, wealth distribution, family dynamics/relationships, gender roles, women’s rights, holidays/special celebrations, school policies, identity, racial biases, access to basic urban services, technology/internet, historical figures/events, perspective of crime in the ghetto/suburbs/city, religion, and social capital.

Find credible, substantive background reading here:

Find more detailed articles and books here:

Find documentary films in these databases:

How to Use Library Databases

Sources for Essay #3

See this RESEARCH GUIDE for step-by-step instruction on ESSAY #3

Below is an abridged version of the full research guide:

Background Reading

Use sources from your previous essays. Also, find good overview articles in the Gale eBooks Database:

Scholary Articles and In-Depth Articles

Finding and Using Books and eBooks

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