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Introduction to Zoology (Zoo 101 - Curtis)

This research guide was created specifically for students in Teri Curtis's Zoology 101 class, to support research efforts for the Weird Animals of the World presentation project.

Meet Your Librarian

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Stella Beratlis
Library & Learning Center
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Zoology News/Ideas for Research Topics

Don't know what to write about? Get some ideas for your research topic by browsing the following websites and database: 

Already have a topic? Do some academic background reading first and build from there. Check for credible sources in the MJC databases:  

Hi, I'm Stella Beratlis, one of the MJC librarians and the library liaison for the Science, Math, and Engineering division.  I love working with students at any stage of their research. I can help you in person at the reference desk, by phone (575-6245), or by email (
This is a general guide for students interested in locating information related to animals and animal behavior using library resources available at the MJC Library & Learning Center. It is also intended as an aid for students enrolled in ZOO101 (Zoology) doing their project on an unusual or weird animal.

Overview of the Research Process

Research Snapshot