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WorldCat: Discover Information at the MJC Library

Learn to use the library's discovery tool to search for books, videos, magazines, and reserve items at MJC and around the world.

Do We Have the Journal You Want?

MJC students have access to periodicals (magazines, journals, and newspapers) in print (over 125 titles) and online (tens of thousands of titles). To find out if MJC library can provide you with fulltext access to a specific title

  • Go to WorldCat
  • Click the Library Links button in the top right
  • Select MJC Journal List

Select MJC Journal List from Library Links


In the search box, Articles is the default search. This is how you would search for a specific article, rather than a magazine or journal. If I want to find out if the library has National Geographic:

  • Click the Journals button
  • Enter national geographic in the title field (capitalization doesn't matter)
  • The default search type is "Starts with," which is usually fine but can be changed
  • This search will discover both print and electronic access to National Geographic. If you are only interested in print, check the "Search print holdings only" box.
  • Click Search at the bottom of the window.

 National Geographic search

Many records were found beginning with the words national and geographic, but the first one looks like right one. This magazine is available in full text in 12 databases and also in print in one of the library's branches. Click the title for more information.

National Geographic search results

Where Can You Find It?

Below you can see the database General Reference Center Gold has National Geographic from June of 1999 up to 90 days ago. Click the National Geographic link to access it or scroll down farther to see other databases. Some provide access back to 1995.

To learn which library branch has this magazine in print, click the book icon in the center of the screen.

National Geographic availability

The MJC print journal collection does include National Geographic, from one year ago to the present. This means that, in March of 2016, you can expect to find all issues from 2015 plus any issues received in 2016. To see exactly which issues are available, click either of the two links.

National Geographic print availability