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WorldCat: Discover Information at the MJC Library

Learn to use the library's discovery tool to search for books, videos, magazines, and reserve items at MJC and around the world.

Advanced Searching

Say you are searching for the book Mathematics Minus Fear. If you do a basic keyword search of those three words, you will discover nearly 500 results. Some are books but others are articles or DVDs. Some of the books are in English, but this title has been published in other languages and in more than one year. An advanced search allows you more control from the start and narrows your search results. Select the Advanced Search link seen below.

Advanced search link

You can search any of the indexes below alone or in combination. In the example I entered title words, publication year, and format.

Clicking the Search button will discover just two records--the one I want in both English and German.

Advanced search box

Search Results

Notice all the requirements we imposed in the search above are met in the resulting record.

Search results for Mathematics Minus Fear