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Supplemental Instruction: What is SI?

Students Helping Students

Classes with Supplemental Instruction

Fall 2018


ANAT 125 sect. 6483
ANAT 125 sect. 6494
ANAT 125 sect. 6495
ANAT 125 sect. 6475
ANAT 125 sect. 6479
ANAT 125 sect. 6492
ANTHR 101 sect. 2862
ANTHR 101 sect. 5212
ANTHR 101 sect. 6147
BIO 116 sect. 7387
BIO 116 sect. 7388
CHEM 101 sect. 1704
CHEM 101 sect. 1705
CHEM 101 sect. 1706
GEOL 161 sect. 4454
GEOL 161 sect. 4461
GEOL 161 sect. 4670
HIST 101 sect. 2899
HIST 102 sect. 2900
MATH 90 sect. 2307
MATH 90 sect. 2308
MATH 90 sect. 7207
MATH 90 sect. 7406
MATH 134 sect. 7235
MATH 134 sect. 7236
PHYSO 101 sect. 6539
PHYSO 101 sect. 6540
PHYSO 101 sect. 6538
PHYSO 101 sect. 6541
PHYSO 101 sect. 7891
SOCIO 105 sect. 6302
SOCIO 105 sect. 6303
SOCIO 105 sect. 6304


Supplemental Instruction : Students Helping Students



Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a non-remedial approach to learning that supports students toward academic success by integrating “what to learn” with “how to learn.” SI consists of regularly scheduled, out-of-class group study sessions driven by students’ needs. Sessions are facilitated by trained peer leaders who utilize collaborative activities to ensure peer-to-peer interaction in small groups. SI is implemented in high-risk courses in consultation with academic staff and is supported and evaluated by a trained supervisor.


  1. To increase retention within targeted historically difficult courses
  2. To improve student grades in targeted historically difficult courses
  3. To increase the graduation rates of students

SI is a free service offered to all students in a targeted course. All students are encouraged to attend SI sessions, as it is a voluntary program. Students with varying levels of academic preparedness and diverse backgrounds participate.


Interested in becoming an SI Leader? 

  • Make sure you earn an A or B in the class for which you'd like to be an SI Leader
  • Ask your instructor to recommend you--an application link will be sent out to instructors around the 12th week of the semester
  • After being recommended, check your MJC e-mail regularly for announcements on the employment process from Christian Cavalho, Program Assistant 


East Campus (L&LC East)

West Campus (Yosemite 235)