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SOCIO 101 - Hanson

This guide will help students complete their Social Uniting Process research papers for Richard Hanson's class

Your Task

You will be exploring the topic of "successful schooling" as a social uniting process at Modesto Junior College through the lens of several different sociological theories as spelled out in your assignment. In order to do that you'll need to:

  • Gain a basic understanding of the sociological theories through your class lectures and reading.
  • Explore student success ideas from your peers through interviews.
  • Read published literature (articles, books, chapters, etc.) to explore the history of community colleges and the current conversations surrounding student success as it relates to the social uniting process. 
  • Report on your findings and make recommendations for student success at MJC.

Tech Issues

A Few Technical Notes:

On your computer you need to:

Disable pop-up blockers

Here are some useful instructions from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


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