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PSYCH 141 - Simek-Morgan

Learn to use academically-appropriate resources to complete your psychology 141 assignment for Lynn Simek-Morgan's class

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Your Assignment

For this assignment, you have two sets of information you need:

  1. You need to know the four areas of development: Physical, Cognitive, Social, and Emotional, and 
  2. You need to be able to discuss your movie and the characters in terms of these areas of development.

The research you'll conduct will be to explore the four areas of development as they relate to the life stage or stages of the main characters of your movie.

You'll use outside sources like books and articles to understand the areas of human development at different stages of life then you'll use your own critical thinking and analysis to apply that knowledge to your discussion of the movie.

Research Is Not the Same as Gathering Information

Twenty-first century students don’t need to spend a lot of time learning how to find information. After all, many of you are online everyday gathering information: reconnecting with people, finding open classes through PiratesNet, downloading driving directions, weather forecasts, song lyrics, recipes, and celebrity gossip.

But gathering information is not research!  Research requires that you find information, of course, but it also demands much more from you. The MLA Handbook defines research in terms of  exploring ideas, probing issues, solving problems, or making arguments relating to existing ideas.  Yes, you need information to complete these tasks, but you also need lots of time to read the information you find, to reflect on it in terms of what you already know and what you are learning, and to write multiple drafts of speeches/papers so that you can present your research as clearly, logically, and successfully as possible.

This guide offers you a set of steps to follow that will move you beyond the mere gathering of information, and into the realm of real academic research. It will help you develop a research strategy that will, with time and practice, enable you to become a more efficient researcher, saving you time and sanity.

Feel free to return to this guide as many times as you need. Of course,if you find you need additional help, please remember that MJC Research Librarians are happy to work with you and can help you in person at the reference desk or online.