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PSYCH 102 - Gupta

This guide is created to help students complete the research assignment for Suditi Gupta's Psychology 102 class.

Conversations About Psychology

Your Assignment:

For your assignment you need to write a literature review on a psychology topic of your choosing. You'll be discovering and exploring many sources to help you fully understand the scholarly conversations taking place about your topic in the published literature.


Scholarship as Conversation:

Scholarship is a Conversation image

Knowledge and understanding are developed over time by scholars, researchers, and professionals debating and discussing issues from varying points of view.

Think of the sources you read to explore your topic (articles, books, films, videos, images, or websites) as different threads in a conversation. Just like blog comments, each source expresses different ideas, observations, discoveries, or interpretations of the problem or issue.



 As you read your sources, try to figure out how they relate to each other:

  • Do they agree? 
  • Do they contradict each other?;
  • Do they help you understand your issue from a different perspective? 

So when you read your sources, think about the story they're telling you and about what they each have to say about that story.

By actively reading your sources as if you're participating in an interesting, complex discussion, when you write your paper, you'll be able to demonstrate to your teacher that you have a deeper understanding of your topic and you'll become a part of the professional discourse about your topic.