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Learn Research Skills: Home

We have a variety of classes, workshops, and research guides to help you learn how to use the library to conduct research effectively and efficiently

Take a Class

We currently offer one three-unit course entitled, LIBR 100: Research Concepts and Practice. This course gives students a comprehensive introduction to information competency skills and prepares students to complete college-level research assignments such as papers and speeches successfully.

See the MJC Class Schedule for details.

Learn On Your Own

The library has developed a collection of research guides that provide instruction, resources, and services to help you complete your research projects with ease. We also have several that you can use to learn how to research effectively and efficiently.

You can browse our full collection of Research Guides or try some of these below to improve your research skills:

Attend a Research Instruction Session

Curriculum-Specific Research Instruction Sessions (Teachers Schedule Class Visits)

Library faculty are available to visit classes to present curriculum-specific instruction sessions. These sessions introduce students to research methods, information sources, and library services. To learn more about these sessions and to schedule one for your class, faculty should click here.