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American Politics (POLSC 101 - Kinney): POLSC101: Sections 3406 & 7429

For use by students in Teresa Kinney's class

San Joaquin Valley: A Region in Transition

Published by the Library of Congress' Congressional Research Service in 2005, this study uses 2000 Census data to compare the San Joaquin Valley's economy and demographics in to the Appalachian region of the United States.

Research Questions

Feel free to use these research questions to keep you focused during the research process.

  1. What is California's San Joaquin Valley: A Region in Transition?
    1. Working definition
    2. Brief history of projectWhy is this an important publication?
  2. What did this report conclude?
  3. Why are these conclusions important to people in the Central Valley?What did the report conclude, specifically, about (insert your subtopic here) in 2000?
  4. How has the data on the above changed in years since this report was published?What conclusions can be drawn from these changes?
  5. What conclusions have others drawn?
  6. What about you?
  7. Based on my research, what do I think about the issue of (insert your subtopic here)?

Sources for Updated Data

The authors of your primary source relied on data from the 2000 Census to compile this study. Your task is to use the latest data from the 2010 Census to update the report. Below are some sources that will aid in this endeavor.

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