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Composition and Reading (ENGL 101 - Beggs)

Learn to locate and cite academically-appropriate sources for completing James Beggs' research assignment

Your Assignment

Your Task: You need to find information that is appropriate for you to use in a college-level research paper in which you answer the question: Was the world into which you were born better than the world into which a family member was born? Your paper needs to state your position on this question and use information to support that position.

You need to decide what two time periods you're comparing then choose your theme within those two time periods to explore.

Focus your argument on one area. Choose a theme that interests you and make it fun.

Though the list of possible topics can be endless here are some examples:

  • sanitation
  • national security
  • crime
  • play and toys
  • family unity
  • justice
  • race relations
  • nutrition
  • communication
  • natural beauty
  • health
  • religious faith and values

Tech Issues

A Few Technical Notes:

On your computer you need to:

Disable pop-up blockers

Here are some useful instructions from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


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