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WorldCat: Discover Information at the MJC Library

Learn to use the library's discovery tool to search for books, videos, magazines, and reserve items at MJC and around the world.

Creating Lists

Personal lists are lists that can be saved to an account for later review. You can select items for a list whether signed in or not. To make the list permanent, you need to sign in from WorldCat using your patron logon. Click the Sign In To WorldCat tab if you do not know how.

  1. Search for an item.
  2. On the search results screen click the star icon.
    star icon on search results list
  3. The star turns blue to show you have added this item to your list.

    star icon is now blue
  4. Add up to 100 items to your list. You can see how many items you have selected by the My List link.

    Item count displayed
  5.  Click My List to see the records you saved. To save the list, select Create Personal List from the List Options dropdown menu.

    Create Personal List displayed on dropdown menu
  6. Name your list, add an optional description, select the items to include, and click Save to make your list permanent.

    Saving a personal list
  7. You will receive confirmation that your list has been saved.

    confirmation that list was saved
  8. To see your personal lists, choose My Personal Lists from the User Links Dropdown Menu.

    User Links Dropdown Menu

At this time, lists are permanent and cannot be removed. Additional list functionality will be added in the future.