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WorldCat: Discover Information at the MJC Library

Learn to use the library's discovery tool to search for books, videos, magazines, and reserve items at MJC and around the world.

Why Refine Your Search?

When you do a basic keyword search,  you usually get a large number of results. You will likely want to limit the results list by criteria such as format, author, year of publication and more. You do so by checking boxes in the Refining Your Search box on the left of the results list. Each of the criteria you can check here is known as a facet, so this feature is sometimes referred to as faceted browsing. Facets allow you to easily narrow down a broad list of results.

Sort Your Results

sort by menu showing library and relevance selected

The default sort is Library and Relevance, meaning results held by our library are shown first. This is usually the best. If you change the sort to any other option (Relevance Only, Date (Oldest First), Date (Newest First), or Most Widely Held) you will likely see relevant items not available at MJC.

See the Request Items tab to learn how to get these items.

Available Formats

Library materials are available in a wide variety of formats. If your search has a large number of results, you might limit to certain formats. Maybe you want only eBooks because you need information right now and the library is closed. Or maybe you only want DVDs. Just mark the box before any formats you want to include (instead of All Formats).

list of many formats under "all formats"

Further Refinements

You can further refine your search results by databases (if you are searching for articles), author, year of publication, language, and topic. Maybe an instructor allows you to use only materials published in the last ten years; just mark that selection or enter your own custom range of years. Are you getting too many books in foreign languages? Mark English to remove others from the list. Experiment a bit.

Databases, Author, and Year refinement options   Language and Topic refinement options