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NoodleTools for Faculty

Learn to use NoodleTools as a teaching and assessment tool. You can also use NoodleTools for your own research projects

Tutorial & Users Guide

What Can Be Shared?

Students must allow you to share their projects with them from their project dashboard. Once they allow sharing, you can view their:

  • Source lists (Works Cited, References)
  • Notecards
  • Outlines, and
  • Papers authored in Google Docs

You can give feedback on projects in general, to individual citations, on notecards, or provide comments and corrections directly in their papers if they are authored in Google Docs.

Note: You'll need to create your own Google account in order to collaborate with and comment on student papers; however, you don't need a Google account to comment on bibliographies, notecards, and outlines

Sharing Setup: Creating a Drop Box

To enable your students to share work with you, you must create one assignment drop box for each project you assign. For example, you might create an assignment drop box entitled, SOCIO150 6295 fall 2014 or Engl 101 Beowulf spring 2016.

You'll access your students' work from the Projects Shared With Me table on your dashboard. By creating one assignment drop box for each project you assign, your students' work is grouped meaningfully and manageably. Projects that are shared with you are grouped in the Projects Shared with Me table by assignment drop box and then sorted by the date of last revision.


Notes on Creating an Assignment Drop Box:

  • Create a drop box for each assignment.
  • Give each drop box a unique name that means something to your students and will help you stay organized.
  • If you team teach, you can add additional teachers in the Additional Recipients boxes so they can comment on student projects.
  • Include your Google account information if you want to collaborate on student papers.
  • Add useful links that will show up in your students' assignment dashboards (their NoodleTools workspace). Useful links could include Research Guides & Tutorials, your online calendar, your assignment, tutoring information, etc.
  • Before you instruct students to share projects with you it is useful for you to create a test student folder (create a personal ID for a test student) and share a project with yourself, so that you understand how the process works.
  • Tell your students the name of the assignment drop box to share their work with you.


How to Create an Assignment Drop Box:

The brief video below shows you how to create a drop box.



You may also follow the written instructions below to create a drop box:

  1. Log in to NoodleTools
  2. Click the Sharing Setup button at the top of your Projects Shared with Me table. If you do not see this table, you must not have checked the "teacher or librarian" radio button when you created your personal ID. Don't worry, you can simply create a new personal folder using the correct option this time, or contact Iris Carroll at 575-6082 if you have problems or have a project in your personal folder that you want to keep.
  3. Complete the Sharing Setup form:

First, enter your name as your students refer to you.

Next choose a name for your assignment drop box; you’ll create a separate drop box for each assignment you have. Also, you’ll need to give your students this name in order for them to share their work with you.

If you team teach or want other instructors to share your student projects, you can enter their personal IDs in the Additional Recipients fields.

Next, you can enter your Google Account ID. If you want your students to create their papers in Google Docs, you do this so that you can collaborate on and add comments directly to papers. If you don't plan on collaborating on student papers using Google Docs you can skip this step.

If you would like to link to any Web resources such as your assignment or library research guides you can enter the Description and URL.

When you have completed the form, you click Create drop box.

You’ll see your Assignment Drop Boxes in the Projects Shared with Me table in your personal folder.

Once your students share their work with you, you’ll see their work listed under the appropriate drop box.