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NoodleTools for Faculty

Learn to use NoodleTools as a teaching and assessment tool. You can also use NoodleTools for your own research projects

Technical Note

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What is NoodleTools & Why Should I Use It?

NoodleTools is more than just a citation management tool. It is a complete research process system that:

  • Allows you and your students to work in either MLA, APA, or Chicago syles
  • Teaches your students how to research by using tools that encourage them to analyze, synthesize, and cite their sources properly
  • Trains your students to plan, gather, and organize their research
  • Provides you with a platform to interact with and monitor your students' work by having them share their research projects with you
  • Facilitates your providing useful, immediate feedback to students every step of the way as you collaborate with them on their research
  • Helps you improve student learning in the areas of Notetaking, Summarizing, and Evaluating

NoodleTools: Focus on Higher Learning Skills

NoodleTools is a platform that facilitates teaching higher learning skills. 

Notecards help train your students to read closely, interact with their material, and practice communicating the salient points. 


Notecards also allow your students to begin synthesizing their information, organizing their research, and outlining their papers.