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NoodleTools for Faculty

Learn to use NoodleTools as a teaching and assessment tool. You can also use NoodleTools for your own research projects


NoodleTools Create and organize your research notes, share and collaborate on research projects, compose and error check citations, and complete your list of works cited in MLA, APA, or Chicago style using the full version of NoodleTools.



NoodleTools Help:

Getting Started

Why Do I Need a Personal Account?

You create a personal ID the first time you visit NoodleTools in order to create your personal workspace within the MJC Library’s subscription to NoodleTools. Your personal account is your workspace where you'll create and manage your projects as well as share and collaborate on projects with your students and other faculty with whom you may be co-teaching.

How to Create a Personal ID 

View this brief video (1.38 mins) below to see how to create your personal ID.



You may also follow these written instructions:

1. You’ll first need to access NoodleTools by clicking on the link.

Keep in mind that if you are trying to access NoodleTools from off campus you’ll need to enter your MJC ID and six-digit birth date before you can follow the rest of these instructions. The reason is that the MJC Library subscribes to NoodleTools the same way we subscribe to our other databases. So, just like our other databases when you access them from off campus, you’ll be asked to log in using your MJC ID and six-digit birth date in order to identify you as an authorized MJC Library user.

2. Once you’re authenticated as an MJC Library user, you’ll see the Register or Sign In screen, where you’ll click Create a Personal ID.

3. Now, you simply fill out the New User Registration form:

  • In the  About You area, be sure to check the "I am a teacher or librarian" radio button 
  • Next, in the Choose a Personal ID area you’ll create a Personal ID and Password that you'll use to log in to your workspace every time you use NoodleTools (full version). You can use your MJC ID number as your Personal ID in NoodleTools if that works best for you
  • Be sure to complete the Easy Login Retrieval information so that NoodleTools can help you remember your password if you forget it in the future
  • And finally, click Register to create your Personal Folder

Next time you go to NoodleTools you’ll enter your personal ID and password in the Already have a personal ID? area.

When you finish registering your account, My Projects page appears.

Dashboard View

The first time you open your personal folder it will be empty. As a teacher, you will see two tables. The first is entitled, My Projects, and the second one is entitled, Projects Shared with Me. Students do not see the second table.

The My Projects table lists your research projects in order of last revision date.

The Projects Shared with Me table contains all the projects that your students share with you.

To collaborate with your students, you don't need to create a new project; you just need to set up project sharing.


NoodleTools teacher dashboard



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