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Countries & Cultures

This guide is designed to help you become more independent and effective in finding useful, credible information on different countries and their cultures.

Citation Styles

Your instructor should tell you which citation style he or she wants you to use. Click on the appropriate link below to learn how to format your paper and cite your sources according to a particular style.

Citing Sources Matters

When you write a research paper, you use information and facts from a variety of resources to support your own ideas or to help you develop new ones. Books, articles, videos, interviews, and Web sites are some examples of sources you might use.

Citing these sources of information in your work is essential because:

  • It gives credit to the author of the original work who provided you with the information or idea

  • It allows your audience to identify and find the source material in order to learn more about your topic

  • It gives your paper more credibility because it shows you're supporting your arguments with high-quality source

What Do You Cite?

Cite all outside sources you use in your research paper! Citing is required for sources you:

Quote word-for-word,

Paraphrase (rewrite using your own words), and

Summarize (rewrite the main concept or idea in your own words).