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Purpose of the MJC Library Collection

Purpose of Collection

The purpose of the library collections is to support the mission of the college by providing books, journals, non-print media, and information in other formats that support the curriculum. The Library will acquire and organize its collections in compliance with Board Policy 6030, Academic Freedom (Faculty), and is guided by the first two provisions of the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights.

Materials Selection Criteria

Material added to the collection will be judged by the following criteria: 

  • Relevance to the curriculum
  • Appropriateness to the user
  • Scope
  • Level
  • Coverage
  • Timeliness and/or lasting value of material
  • Expertise in the area of the author, issuing body, and/or publisher
  • Presentation: a) style, b) clarity and c) ease of use.
  • Aesthetic considerations:  a) literary, artistic, or social value; b) appeal to the imagination, senses, or intellect
  • Special features: a) a detailed, logical index; b) footnotes; c) pictorial representations
  • Physical and technical quality:  a) paper, typography, and design; b) physical size; c) binding; d) durability
  • Strength of present holdings in the same or similar subject
  • Demand, frequency of interlibrary loan requests for material on the same or similar subject
  • Price/relative cost of material in relation to the budget and other available material

Recommend a Purchase

The MJC Library welcomes your suggestions for materials that support teaching, study, and research at MJC. You can recommend we purchase books, movies, music, and subscriptions to research databases, magazines & journals, etc.

To request materials please complete the online form below:

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